Top 3 Ways to use Scrabble Tiles (+ a bonus idea)

Scrabble tiles are a great way to make a unique and personalised gift for someone!

I have a massive variety listed for sale in my Ebay store (The Little Craft House) so I thought I’d show you some really quick and easy ways to use your tiles!

This little frame is definitely a favourite creation of mine! I made it as a souvenir for a friend visiting us here in Perth.

Scrabble Tile Project, DIY Frame, Tiles available through

This is a cute little project too. I made this by simply cutting a picture from a magazine (you could also use a photo) glued it onto my tile and gave it a few coats of varnish to seal.

Scrabble tile pendant.

Next up are these coasters. I think a set of these would make an awesome housewarming gift! This coaster says ‘Good, Food, Wine, Dine.’ Other words to use could be – More, Beer, Love, Kiss, Cook etc!

Scrabble tile drink coasters

And here’s a bonus idea I found this idea on floating around the net ( not sure who to give credit too – so if you know please let me know!)

Apparently there is hidden words for the ‘user’ of the bathroom to find!

scrabble toilet

So they are my top 3 (+the bonus) ideas!

Have you created any scrabble projects? I’d love to see them if you have! Post a link below or tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

Nic x

My New Crafty Business

For the last 5 or so years I have run my own little handmade business, (House of Nicnax) making owl doorstops! I must admit that the ‘owl’ craze has hung around longer than I could ever imagined! Never did I think that my little hobby would turn into a business and that I would be selling regularly at markets, online and through Facebook!

It really has been a crazy little ride for me! I have enjoyed it so much along the way – and I don’t have plans to stop anytime soon! While people love and want my owls – I will continue to make them!

But in saying that – It was time I expanded a little.

Back in July I started to sell crafting supplies as well. I love being able to buy a whole range of gorgeous supplies, and sell them to amazingly clever people to create some awesome handmade items!

As of last weekend, I took a huge step. I decided to make the “supplies” my new business! So now I run TWO businesses!!!

So now I would like to officially introduce you to ……….The Little Craft House

The Little Craft House. Craft Supplies in Australia. Wood beads, scrabble tiles, E6000 glue

My sales for TLCH will be through Ebay, however I have created a Facebook and Instagram account as well to promote any sales, new products and to hopefully share some of the clever creations people make!

I’d really appreciate it if you pop over and check them out!

So that’s about it for now. Lots of late nights ahead for me!

Wish me luck!

Happy crafting!

Nic xx

Seconds for me….

Hi! I just wanted to start by saying – Sorry for the lack of posts recently! With the kids on school holidays, hubby on holidays, Doorstop orders and market prep, I’ve been a bit lacking in the ‘blogging world’ recently! But I knew you’d understand!

So over these school holidays, we’ve been trying to get out and about and do things with the kids, that involves being inside as much as possible, aircon blowing and staying out of the 40deg + temps that we’ve been getting! (Absolutely disgusting weather! Bring back winter!)

Anyway, today we went out and caught up with some friends for bowling and dinner.

Literally 5 minutes before heading out I decided that I needed a necklace to match my dress. Lucky for me I have a huge amount of bead supplies that I sell on my Ebay store – so I quickly through this little necklace together.

Wood geometric bead necklace. Hnadmade by House of Nicnax using supplies ound in my Ebay store. For more info see

Funny thing though. When I went into my craft cupboard, I immediately reached for the ‘seconds‘ stock. See, when I sell my beads (and other supplies) I try to only send out the best, so I end up with a bag of slightly imperfect seconds.

I didn’t really think about it much at the time – as we needed to rush out the door – but since getting home I’ve been a bit cross at myself. Why is it that every time I make something for me, it’s never ‘the best’? If I intentionally make something for me (ie this necklace) then I use the supplies that aren’t good enough to sell. And its the same with the doorstops that I have. They all either have faults in the fabric / aren’t sitting correctly or there is something wrong with them!

Wood geometric bead necklace. Hnadmade by House of Nicnax using supplies ound in my Ebay store. For more info see

Matching nicely with my $6 op shop dress!


I suppose it makes sense in a way. I’m using what I cant sell, therefore leaving more to sell, and less waste. But aren’t I good enough for the best? I think I am. I think next time I make myself something, I am going to use my ‘good stuff’. Why not!

Wood geometric bead necklace. Hnadmade by House of Nicnax using supplies ound in my Ebay store. For more info see

Thanks for stopping by!

Nic xx