Happy Easter!


.Hi lovelies!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter break, however you may celebrate!

You may remember me talking previously in other posts about having an Easter tree. This year – it turned out a little different as Miss 4 took over the decorating. She wanted to have a little Easter corner on the TV Cabinet, so this is her creation. She painted the little ceramic bunny, and used some of our mini Christmas trees to hang the eggs on.

Hoppy Easter - From House of Nicnax. www.houseofnicnax.com.au

Hoppy Easter - From House of Nicnax. www.houseofnicnax.com.auHoppy Easter - From House of Nicnax. www.houseofnicnax.com.au

Good Friday was our annual family trip to the zoo. The year was extra special as the zoo had Dinosaurs!

Perth Zoo. Easter 2016.
Perth Zoo. Easter 2016.
Dinosaurs! At Perth Zoo 2016

Yesterday (Easter Saturday) we did the family thing – visiting my parents house, having BBQ lunch and eating wayyyy to much!
As it was my nieces first Easter – I made her a little bunny!

Hoppy Easter from House of Nicnax and the Little Craft House.

Easter Sunday started at 6.45am. Not too bad really – compared to previous years! The Easter bunny had to hide the eggs inside this time – as it was a little wet out!

We then spent the rest of the day relaxing!

Tomorrows plan is movies in the morning with the kids, visiting a few friends, and then back home to chill!

How’s your Easter been? Hope your having a good one!

Happy Easter!

Nic x



Seconds for me….

Hi! I just wanted to start by saying – Sorry for the lack of posts recently! With the kids on school holidays, hubby on holidays, Doorstop orders and market prep, I’ve been a bit lacking in the ‘blogging world’ recently! But I knew you’d understand!

So over these school holidays, we’ve been trying to get out and about and do things with the kids, that involves being inside as much as possible, aircon blowing and staying out of the 40deg + temps that we’ve been getting! (Absolutely disgusting weather! Bring back winter!)

Anyway, today we went out and caught up with some friends for bowling and dinner.

Literally 5 minutes before heading out I decided that I needed a necklace to match my dress. Lucky for me I have a huge amount of bead supplies that I sell on my Ebay store – so I quickly through this little necklace together.

Wood geometric bead necklace. Hnadmade by House of Nicnax using supplies ound in my Ebay store. For more info see www.houseofnicnax.com.au

Funny thing though. When I went into my craft cupboard, I immediately reached for the ‘seconds‘ stock. See, when I sell my beads (and other supplies) I try to only send out the best, so I end up with a bag of slightly imperfect seconds.

I didn’t really think about it much at the time – as we needed to rush out the door – but since getting home I’ve been a bit cross at myself. Why is it that every time I make something for me, it’s never ‘the best’? If I intentionally make something for me (ie this necklace) then I use the supplies that aren’t good enough to sell. And its the same with the doorstops that I have. They all either have faults in the fabric / aren’t sitting correctly or there is something wrong with them!

Wood geometric bead necklace. Hnadmade by House of Nicnax using supplies ound in my Ebay store. For more info see www.houseofnicnax.com.au

Matching nicely with my $6 op shop dress!


I suppose it makes sense in a way. I’m using what I cant sell, therefore leaving more to sell, and less waste. But aren’t I good enough for the best? I think I am. I think next time I make myself something, I am going to use my ‘good stuff’. Why not!

Wood geometric bead necklace. Hnadmade by House of Nicnax using supplies ound in my Ebay store. For more info see www.houseofnicnax.com.au

Thanks for stopping by!

Nic xx

Christmas Spirit

Some people really amaze me with how much Christmas spirit they have.

There is a couple who live around the corner from me. They put on an AMAZING Christmas light display each night.
Every afternoon around 2pm they start setting up. They transform their garden AND house into a Christmas wonderland.

IMG_7942 (1)

Light pathways lead you up to the house windows


Then each night they pack it all away, ready to do it all again the next day.

They very deserving won our suburbs Best Private Residence Lights display award.

They also raise money for Prostate and Breast Cancer research.

I had to show you some photos as they really make it feel like Christmas in our neighbourhood. The smiles and joy that comes from all there visitors is proof of such a great job they are doing.

IMG_7939 (1)

Interactive Christmas Characters lead you to the house.

IMG_7943 (1)

Even the street sign is not forgotten!


IMG_7944 (1)

Polar bears and penguins

IMG_7940 (1)

Inside the lounge room! Can you see Olaf and Santa?

IMG_7941 (1)

More of the lounge room

IMG_7945 (1)

Santa flying down a cable from the house to the street light!

I forgot to take photos of the couples bedroom! That room has made way for a gigantic nutcracker collection!

I’ve visited the house 3 times so far this season, and every time I notice something different! So much to see!

I’m so glad they do this for our community to enjoy. It really is such wonderful Christmas spirit.

If you’d like to check out their Facebook page you can find it here.

I’ve promised the kids we can go out on the search for some more lights on Christmas eve!

Thanks for stopping by, and If you know of any other ‘must see’ Christmas lights in Perth, leave me a comment to tell me where they are!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Nic x

Happy (Belated) Halloween!


Apologies for being a day late! But Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate!

Here in Australia (especially in my neighbourhood) we don’t usually ‘do’ Halloween. But over the last few years, it’s starting to become a bit of a thing, and now all the kiddies are growing up – they all want to get in on the act too!

Last night we went for a little walk around the streets near our house. Heaps of people had their houses decorated, and lollies for the kids. It was so much fun!

I’m thinking I may head to the shops tomorrow, buy the mark-down decorations, and next year get the house all spooky!

What do you do for Halloween?
Does your neighbourhood participate?

halloween pumpkin

Pumpkin on display at Bunnings

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Melbourne! My favourite City!

Last week, the hubby and I took the kids for a quick get-away holiday to Melbourne!
It was the kids first plane trip and the first ‘real’ holiday we have had as a family in more than 8 years!

Both hubby and I LOVE Melbourne. We have both been a few times in the past.
There is always so much to do and see, and so much creative inspiration everywhere!

So I thought I’d share some snaps of the amazing-ness of Melbourne.

Yarn Bomb at the Queen Victoria Markets

Yarn Bomb at the Queen Victoria Markets

More Yarn Bombing at the Queen Victoria Market

More Yarn Bombing at the Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo

Street Artist at work

Street Artist at work

melbourne 6

Graffiti Art at Hosier Lane

Oh look....it's me in Hosier Lane!

Oh look….it’s me in Hosier Lane!

Painted elephant at Melbourne Zoo

Painted elephant at Melbourne Zoo

melbourne 1

Sculpture by the river

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