Sunday Swap-Meet!

junk quote 2

On Sunday I had a different kind of market experience. As you know, markets for me are usually of the handmade / craft variety. Sunday, though, I attended a swap meet (car boot style).

The two weeks or so prior, I had made the decision to get my house organised and clear out all the junk that somehow keeps appearing. I usually like to clear out every 6 months or so, and get rid of all the clothes the kids have out grown, along with old toys etc. I usually pass things on to other mums at school, or drop the things off to the op-shop. But this time, I thought I’d try to make a bit extra cash for our up-coming holiday. Continue reading

Handmade Love – Zindi Pots

zindi 1

Concrete pots are HUGE at the moment! And I am a massive fan!

These little cuties are from Zindi Pots. I first discovered Zindi Pots at the Perth Upmarket and I have been in love ever since! My collection started with a little round bottomed pot – and now I have these ones!!

I took advantage of the lovely spring weather we had the other day to pot these lovelies up with some succulent cuttings.

I don’t have the greenest of thumbs – even though I try really had! So I’m hoping these little babies grow!

What do you think? Have you been bitten by the concrete pot bug? Do you love them as much as me?

zindi 2

Sign off

Market Buys! – The best plant EVER!

Last week I wrote a post about attending the Perth Upmarket.

I didn’t tell you what I bought! I must say, of all the markets I’ve been too, and all the purchases I’ve made – This is one of my absolute favourites!

cactus bThis amazing crochet cactus is by ZoZo and Fro.

She is one clever lady! I actually discovered Zoe’s work about a year ago – I think just from randomly scrolling through Instagram. I immediately fell in love – and knew that I had to own one!

I purchased one straight away as a gift for my mum. I bought her a grass tree.

cactus d

Every time I visit mum’s house, I see the grass tree and I always tell myself that I need to get one!

So when I saw ZoZo and Fro was at the Perth Upmarket – I was super excited! This one stood out to me pretty much straight away. I think it looks so happy, and like it’s doing a funky cactus dance.

cactus a

How awesome is it!! I’m so glad I spoilt myself with this purchase!

When was the last time you spoilt yourself? What did you buy?