#25trees – Day 25! Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!


How fast did December go?! Way too fast for my liking! Thanks heaps for following along with my #25trees project. It has certainly kept me busy, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.
It’s quite funny really. I feel as though I am always really pushed for time to make things. Mainly because I am always so busy making things for my business I don’t make the time to make things for myself.
This #25trees project forced me to make time.

I’m actually planning a few more of these little challenges though out next year ( for my quieter business months!!)

Anyway. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to sharing more craftiness with you in 2016!

Ill leave you with my final Christmas tree. This is our family Christmas tree. The best tree of them all – as this is the tree Santa leaves the pressies under!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Nic xx

#25trees Day 24 – Fairy Bread!

FullSizeRender (1)

Well I had grand plans for day 24 of my #25trees project. Unfortunately though, Christmas is tomorrow and I was just not prepared enough!

So today I settled with making Christmas Tree Fairy Bread for afternoon tea.

The rest of my day was spent doing craft with the kids, cleaning and finishing up making some pressies.

How’s your Christmas eve going? Are you prepared for tomorrow?

I’m off to wrap some more pressies now! Have a great Christmas and don’t forget to pop back to see my final tree tomorrow! (I’ll be posting late as I think I may be a little busy tomorrow!)

Merry Christmas!

Nic xx

#25trees Day 23 – Hessian Tree


This tree, much like many others in my #25trees series, is made from 100% recycled materials!

I really like being able to create something from what we already have. And because of where I got the hessian from – this tree now has a special meaning behind it as well.

So I’ll tell you the story of the hessian.

Last year my friend got married. She had a fantastic wedding set in a lodge nestled in bushland. For the weeks leading up to the wedding, a group of us friends all got together and created all the decorations and trimmings for the wedding. A lot of this was made from hessian (as well as native flowers, gum leaves and of course fairy lights!)

It was such a lovely wedding! But of course once she returned home she had so much hessian! She very kindly gave me some of it.

So for a while now the hessian has sat unused – waiting for the perfect project! And this is it!

So for this project I used the natural hessian (from a large decorative bow) and the red hessian (that was used as her ‘red carpet’). The green cone came from an unfinished school project from my son.

To make this tree, I did the following:

Firstly I cut my hessian into long strips


I then folded each strip in half and cut slices into each about half way up.



It was then time to layer them onto the cone. My cone was cardboard, so I secured each layer with hot glue. If you are using a polystyrene cone – pins could be used (and they’d look a little like decorations!)


Pull each strip tightly to take the shape of the cone.



The back of mine looks a bit messy – I’ll just turn that to face the wall!


And that’s all there is to it!

We are nearly at Christmas so only 2 more trees to go! Thanks for following along! And I’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

Thanks  again and happy crafting!

Nic xx






#25trees Day 22 – Christmas Cards


Only a few days left until Christmas! Most of my handmade gifts have been made and wrapped, so there was only 1 thing left to do – make some cards!

And of course I took the opportunity to add to my #25trees project by making some Christmas trees!


These ones were made with buttons, ribbon and washi-tape.


How’s your Christmas preparation going? Are you ready? I hope so!

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas!

Nic x


#25trees Day 21 – Potato Stamping


I really love the look of presents wrapped in brown paper. There is so many ways you can ‘fancy’ them up too!

Today, Miss 3 and I got busy potato stamping some wrapping paper for Christmas.

I decided to make just a simple triangular Christmas tree shape.


If you have never carved a potato before it is pretty easy as long as you keep it simple.

Start by cutting your potato in half. Lightly score with a knife your shape. You could also use a cookie cutter to make the shape.
Then VERY carefully use your knife to remove the potato that you do not want stamped.

The image that is left is now your stamp!


I used the traditional green and red colours for my stamping.


Miss 3 enjoyed herself too. I think we made about 5 meters of wrapping between us!


And now to wrapping the presents! I have just made a start, which is good for me. I usually leave it until Christmas Eve, but this year I’m organised! (Yay me!)

I can’t wait to give the family all their handmade goodies for Christmas in  handmade wrapping paper! Bring on Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! And Merry Christmas!

Nic x


#25trees Day 20 – Paper Doilies


There is something so pretty and delicate about paper doilies isn’t there?

A little while back I saw some paper doily trees on Pinterest. I thought these would make some lovely Christmas trees.

They are pretty simple to make, and I think they look beautiful (even though they are a little wonky).

To make them you need:

Paper doilies – three different sizes work best
Wooden skewers
Hot glue gun
Glue stick
Cotton reels


What to do:

First you need to cut each doily to the centre.


Use your glue stick to run a strip of glue down the side- next to your cut.

Pull the other side across the glue to form a little dome shape.


Do this with each of your doilies.

To thread them onto the skewers, place a dob of hot glue on the inside of each dome. – then push the skewer through. Start with the big one and work your way to the small one at the top.

**Tip – cut your skewer down to size before threading (much easier than after like I did)


Then glue your skewer into a cotton reel.


And your done!


How cute do they look?

I made one with double doilies too! (in the back of this photo) And I’ve set them up on my little corner table with some peg people.


Only 5 more trees left of my #25trees challenge! Thanks for stopping by!Hope you pop by to see the rest!

Happy Crafting!

Nic x



#25trees – Day 19 – Another kit!


It’s almost Christmas!!!! How exciting! Today marked the first official start to our families Christmas celebrations.

Today was the day we celebrate Christmas with my husbands side of the family. It’s always a fun day filled with lots of kids, food and laughter.

Because we have been out pretty much all day, I didn’t think you would mind if I made up another Christmas tree kit that I purchased last week.

This kit is from Riot Art and Craft. I think it was originally $29.99, but I got it half price! Bar-gain!!!!


The kit comes with all the wood pieces, glue and paint you need. The felt balls are not included, but I have a heap here at home, so I used them.

The instructions were pretty simple. It is pretty much just layering each of the wood pieces, adding glue to the top and bottom ones.


I didn’t paint mine, as I was short on time today. But thought I might do it later or save that bit for next year!


I like the way this one turned out. And I love the addition of the felt balls. It really gives it a pop of colour.

I’d actually love to make a whole tree out of felt balls. I think that would be really beautiful!

And before you go , I have to tell you all- I was having a chat to Jen from My Make do and Mend Life. She told me about her AMAZING Pom-pom Christmas tree. Please head over and check it out! It is gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy crafting and merry Christmas!

Nic xx

** please note this post is not sponsored