Top 3 Ways to use Scrabble Tiles (+ a bonus idea)

Scrabble tiles are a great way to make a unique and personalised gift for someone!

I have a massive variety listed for sale in my Ebay store (The Little Craft House) so I thought I’d show you some really quick and easy ways to use your tiles!

This little frame is definitely a favourite creation of mine! I made it as a souvenir for a friend visiting us here in Perth.

Scrabble Tile Project, DIY Frame, Tiles available through

This is a cute little project too. I made this by simply cutting a picture from a magazine (you could also use a photo) glued it onto my tile and gave it a few coats of varnish to seal.

Scrabble tile pendant.

Next up are these coasters. I think a set of these would make an awesome housewarming gift! This coaster says ‘Good, Food, Wine, Dine.’ Other words to use could be – More, Beer, Love, Kiss, Cook etc!

Scrabble tile drink coasters

And here’s a bonus idea I found this idea on floating around the net ( not sure who to give credit too – so if you know please let me know!)

Apparently there is hidden words for the ‘user’ of the bathroom to find!

scrabble toilet

So they are my top 3 (+the bonus) ideas!

Have you created any scrabble projects? I’d love to see them if you have! Post a link below or tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

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Peg People Tutorial


Little peg people are so much fun to make (and play with!)

This is a project I have wanted to do for a little while now – but the thought of painting faces kinda put me off. So after having a think about it – I decided not to paint them. I think they still ooze character and have their own personalities.

The clothes were super simple to make – and I’m wishing I’d made these ages ago! (Why did I wait!?!)

If you would like to create your own Peg Family you can buy the kit here, otherwise –  here’s how to do it:

What you need:
– Family of Wood Peg People
– Selection of felt
– Buttons
– Needle and thread (I use embroidery cotton)
– Scissors
– Glue (optional)

What to do:

From your squares of felt, cut out some simple shapes to transform into the clothing pieces  for each family member.

Simple rectangles and semi-circles work well for clothing. I used a long skinny rectangle as a scarf. You’ll need to test them on your peg dolls to make sure they fit. (much like real people, peg sizes can slightly vary in height and width!) Adjust if needed and once your happy with the size you can continue.


Wrap your doll in the clothing piece and secure with a stitch or glue. Add a button for embellishment if you wish.

** Tip- When adding the scarf, be gentle. I played with mine way too much and the fringe started to break!


To make the hat, fold the triangular shape in half long ways. Stitch along the long side. I found if you pull the stitches tight as you go, it gives a cute little bend to the hat.

You could also add a bead or bell to the top for a cute little pixie look!

To attach the hat to the head, add a tiny bit of glue to the head, and stretch the hat over the top.

** Tip – If you choose to add a decorative stitch around the base of the hat, this will decrease the stretchiness of the felt. Maybe make the hat slightly larger to ensure a good fit.


To give my dolls hair, I simply plaited some embroidery thread and secured with glue. The hat for this one had to be made slightly bigger to fit over.


And that’s it! You now have your own peg family to love and care for!


Let me know in the comments what you think about the faceless family. Do you think they still have character? Or do you think they look unfinished?

And if you have created a peg family, please attach a picture of link – I’d love to see them!

Thank for stopping by – and Happy Crafting!

Sign off



Tassel Tutorial

Tassels are quick becoming the ‘in-thing’ right now! And good news is they are one of those things that are super simple to make, and they add a bit of fun to any project they are applied too!

I have tried a few different ways to make them – but this way is by far the simplest and easiest.

All you need for this Tip-Top-Tassel Tutorial is:
a skein of embroidery thread,
and sewing needle (optional)

What to do:
The first step is cut two lengths from your thread. One approximately 15cm, the other 20-30cm (carefully do this to leave the rest of the skein wound nicely) These will become your ‘ties’.

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

Now you need to find the mid way mark of you cotton, and slide the smaller of your ‘ties’ under. Tie it tightly.
Holding the ‘tie’ lift the whole thing up. The thread will fold in half and you will have the beginning of your tassel.

Then simply cut the loops at the bottom.

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

Using the second piece of thread, tie this around the top of your tassel, then continue to wrap it around to form a neat top.

Tuck the loose thread under the wrapped thread to hold it in place.

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on #Tassel #tutorial #DIYAnd voilà! Your done!

So simple and fun!

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

I made a few extras too, as I have LOTS of projects that I want to use them for!

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

Have you created any projects using tassels? I’d love you to link them below!

Thanks for stoping by,

Happy Crafting!

Nic xx

New Years, a New Baby and a New Craft!

My new years was a little different to most.
See yesterday (New Years Eve) my sister gave birth to her first baby! My first niece!

So rather than take her a bunch of flowers (that wont last long) I wanted to make her a giant flower that will last forever!

As with many of my craft projects, I decided at the last minute to make this for her. I do work well under pressure – but I ended up running out of time! I finished it today though – so I’ll give it to her during the week!

So if you want to make yourself a giant flower I suggest you give yourself more than 1/2hr to make it!

The materials I used were as follows –

-A sheet of A4 white paper (for the stencil)
– a roll of pink crepe paper
– a strip of brown paper (for the stem)
– stapler or hot glue (After burning myself many times whilst rushing last night – I switched to the stapler today.)

Here’s how I made it:

I started by making a heart shaped stencil. I then cut a bunch of heart shapes from the crepe paper. I think I ended up using about 20 in the end.


I took each of these hearts and stretched them out, especially around the edges to make them look more like petals.

**Tip – ensure the grain of the paper runs vertical. This will allow you to stretch the petals and shape them. My first 8 petals I made the mistake of cutting the wrong way, and I ended up not being able to use them! grrrr

Making a giant flower from crepe paper. Full tutorial found at #paperflower #diy #craft

I made the stem by twisting a strip of brown paper.


I started the flower by wrapping the first petal around the stem. Secure it with a staple. (Sticky tape didn’t stick, and I burnt myself too many times with the hot glue)

Making a giant flower from crepe paper. Full tutorial found at #paperflower #diy #craft

One petal at a time, I wrapped them around to form the flower.

Making a giant flower from crepe paper. Full tutorial found at #paperflower #diy #craft

I would have been happier to add maybe a few more layers – but I ran out of paper!
I used a piece of scrap to wrap around the base – just to neaten it up. Again – if I’d had some green, it may have been better to do that to look more like the base of a real flower.

Making a giant flower from crepe paper. Full tutorial found at #paperflower #diy #craft

I’m pretty happy with the result! I’m going to check the craft cupboard tomorrow to see if there’s any more crepe paper hiding away to maybe make another! I think I’m a little addicted now! How great would a whole bunch look!

How was your new years? Did you spend it making paper flowers like me??

Thanks for stopping by!

Nic xx

A Handmade Christmas

I LOVE Christmas! It really is a wonderful time of year. I love how every family has their own traditions and beliefs to make it truly magical for them.

My most favourite tradition in our family is that we celebrate a Handmade Christmas.

Between us adults, we exchange handmade goodies. They can either be made by us, or made by others – but not shop bought.

This year, Mr 10 joined in the making. Now before I go any further – by his request – he requires me to publicly say I was wrong.

Way back on Day 7 of my #25trees project, I guessed that he and his class were making snow globes as gifts. I WAS WRONG!!!!! Sorry. They actually made something sooooo much better!

They made us this Macramé candle holder!! I am in love!

He was so proud of himself. He made some more for the family. We potted up some plants though instead of candles.


Made by Mr 10

They were a massive hit with everyone! We plan on making more for our garden over the school holidays. (Stay tuned for that one!)

Here’s some more of the handmade gifts that were exchanged:


House Cushion made by my mum!


Felt Ball Garland (made by me)


Craft room banner for mum (made by me)


Yummy biscuits! Made by my sister.


Christmas cake! Made by my talented sister!

And there was some other bits and pieces that I forgot to photograph on the day!

I’m a little sad it’s all over and done with now. I guess I’ll have to start thinking about some cool things to start making for Easter!

Hope you all had a great Chrissy! What little traditions do you have? Did you share any handmade gifts? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!

Nic xx




#25trees Day 23 – Hessian Tree


This tree, much like many others in my #25trees series, is made from 100% recycled materials!

I really like being able to create something from what we already have. And because of where I got the hessian from – this tree now has a special meaning behind it as well.

So I’ll tell you the story of the hessian.

Last year my friend got married. She had a fantastic wedding set in a lodge nestled in bushland. For the weeks leading up to the wedding, a group of us friends all got together and created all the decorations and trimmings for the wedding. A lot of this was made from hessian (as well as native flowers, gum leaves and of course fairy lights!)

It was such a lovely wedding! But of course once she returned home she had so much hessian! She very kindly gave me some of it.

So for a while now the hessian has sat unused – waiting for the perfect project! And this is it!

So for this project I used the natural hessian (from a large decorative bow) and the red hessian (that was used as her ‘red carpet’). The green cone came from an unfinished school project from my son.

To make this tree, I did the following:

Firstly I cut my hessian into long strips


I then folded each strip in half and cut slices into each about half way up.



It was then time to layer them onto the cone. My cone was cardboard, so I secured each layer with hot glue. If you are using a polystyrene cone – pins could be used (and they’d look a little like decorations!)


Pull each strip tightly to take the shape of the cone.



The back of mine looks a bit messy – I’ll just turn that to face the wall!


And that’s all there is to it!

We are nearly at Christmas so only 2 more trees to go! Thanks for following along! And I’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

Thanks  again and happy crafting!

Nic xx






#25trees Day 21 – Potato Stamping


I really love the look of presents wrapped in brown paper. There is so many ways you can ‘fancy’ them up too!

Today, Miss 3 and I got busy potato stamping some wrapping paper for Christmas.

I decided to make just a simple triangular Christmas tree shape.


If you have never carved a potato before it is pretty easy as long as you keep it simple.

Start by cutting your potato in half. Lightly score with a knife your shape. You could also use a cookie cutter to make the shape.
Then VERY carefully use your knife to remove the potato that you do not want stamped.

The image that is left is now your stamp!


I used the traditional green and red colours for my stamping.


Miss 3 enjoyed herself too. I think we made about 5 meters of wrapping between us!


And now to wrapping the presents! I have just made a start, which is good for me. I usually leave it until Christmas Eve, but this year I’m organised! (Yay me!)

I can’t wait to give the family all their handmade goodies for Christmas in  handmade wrapping paper! Bring on Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! And Merry Christmas!

Nic x