Tassel Tutorial

Tassels are quick becoming the ‘in-thing’ right now! And good news is they are one of those things that are super simple to make, and they add a bit of fun to any project they are applied too!

I have tried a few different ways to make them – but this way is by far the simplest and easiest.

All you need for this Tip-Top-Tassel Tutorial is:
a skein of embroidery thread,
and sewing needle (optional)

What to do:
The first step is cut two lengths from your thread. One approximately 15cm, the other 20-30cm (carefully do this to leave the rest of the skein wound nicely) These will become your ‘ties’.

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on www.houseofnicnax.com.au #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

Now you need to find the mid way mark of you cotton, and slide the smaller of your ‘ties’ under. Tie it tightly.
Holding the ‘tie’ lift the whole thing up. The thread will fold in half and you will have the beginning of your tassel.

Then simply cut the loops at the bottom.

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on www.houseofnicnax.com.au #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

Using the second piece of thread, tie this around the top of your tassel, then continue to wrap it around to form a neat top.

Tuck the loose thread under the wrapped thread to hold it in place.

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on www.houseofnicnax.com.au #Tassel #tutorial #DIYAnd voilà! Your done!

So simple and fun!

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on www.houseofnicnax.com.au #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

I made a few extras too, as I have LOTS of projects that I want to use them for!

Easy tassel tutorial using embroidery thread. DIY Tutorial instructions can be found on www.houseofnicnax.com.au #Tassel #tutorial #DIY

Have you created any projects using tassels? I’d love you to link them below!

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Happy Crafting!

Nic xx

#25trees Day 16 – Tickle Inspired


I’m sure I’ve told you all before about my most favourite magazine – Tickle the Imagination.

Well, issue 22 arrived in my mailbox this morning just as I was about to start my Day 16 tree. And as usual, I dropped everything to have a quick flick through and soak in all the inspiration!

On page 34 I found a cute little Christmas Tree tutorial by Emma Collett (Splendid Love Dry Goods), made using vintage Embroidery and Cinnamon Sticks.

Emma’s trees are so cute! But I made mine slightly different. I already had some fabric triangles cut out from some of my fabric scraps, so I used them. And I didn’t have any Cinnamon sticks (as much as I LOVE this idea), so I used some sticks I collected at the kids school.



I like these little trees! And I like the idea of putting something smelly (nice-smelly) in them and maybe hanging them in the cupboard or in the car.

If you like to see the full set of instructions, please stop by Tickle and buy yourself the latest issue! You wont be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

Nic x


#25trees Day 6


I don’t know what it is about December – but it seems to fly past quicker than any other month.

I’m quite glad I have taken up this #25trees challenge as my house is looking a little more Christmassy than I would otherwise!

Todays trees are going to be a gift. I thought I might as well combine the #25trees making with some gift making!

I simply made these ones by cutting out a tree shape out of some hessian. I stitched on a Christmas button, sewed 3/4 the way around the edge and added a little stuffing before stitching it closed! Easy!




I was thinking I might make a few more shapes and maybe make this a set of 10. What do you think?

Don’t forget to add your own tree creations using #25trees over on Instagram, and keep up with my ‘trees’ either on my account – Houseofnicnax or follow the #25trees hashtag!

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Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

Nic x



#25trees Day 3


I am always looking for scrap busting ideas! I have sooooo many fabric scraps and I cant bare to just throw them in the bin.

I saw this idea the other day on my Facebook newsfeed – but it was done with scrap paper on a card. I thought it would be the perfect Day 3 Tree (but with fabric and much bigger!)

If you’ve missed my day 1&2 trees – have a little look-see through my blog. I’m keeping the trees kinda simple at the moment as December arrived before I was ready for it!

This one took a little longer though. I made it by laying out some of the large fabric scraps on the table.


I put about 1000 pins in it to hold it together – then I used washi-tape to mark out a triangle.


I stitched the triangle shape, then stitched down each row to hold it all together.

A whipped up a quick felt star (with a button centre), added a ribbon loop to the top, and hung it on my lamp in the living room!


I’m actually quite pleased with the way it turned out. I think I need to back it with some stiff fabric or felt though, as it is a bit floppy!

How’s your Christmas preparation going? Have you made any decorations? Link me to them if you have! I love seeing all the handmade creations.

And don’t forget to pop by Instagram too! I’ll be posting there each day too!

Merry Christmas and happy Crafting!

Nic x



#25trees Day 1

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Yes it is December already!!!! Which means only one thing…….. Christmas will be here and gone before we even know it!!!!

This year – I’ve decided that I am going to create a bit of an advent style project. I am going to create one Christmas tree for each day in December leading up to Christmas. I am going to call my little crafting project #25trees. You are more than welcome to play along too – and even join along with the hash tag on Instagram if you want!

So without further a-do here is my first little Christmas tree creation!
**Disclaimer – I didn’t realise today was the 1st of December until it was about 3pm this arvo – so this one is just a quick one to get us started!


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Knotted Headband Tutorial

Headband title

I had this piece of fabric sitting in my scraps pile for some time. I actually really like the colours and was saving it for the ‘perfect’ project.

Then the other day, I was flicking through some old photos, and saw a photo of me from a few years ago with a cute headband. I knew instantly that this would be my project!

It’s quite quick and easy – here’s what to do: Continue reading

Pin Cushion Tutorial

Pin title

With all the sewing I do – I have a gazillion pins and needles, so I decided it was time I make myself some nice pin cushions!

This little project was super simple to do, it used up some of my scraps – and I can change it anytime I like!

If you would like to make them too – heres how: Continue reading

Ticking Off The “To-Do List”


Do you ever find that you get so busy and wrapped up in doing things for other people – that you don’t get time to do things for yourself?

Well I have been a bit like that recently. I have been flat out with market preparations that my own families ‘to-do-list’ gets put to the bottom of the list! (Don’t even ask my husband about his clothing alterations – they have been in the pile for about 6 months!)

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