Taking Stock – January

Taking Stock. Inspired by Pip Lincolne - A look at myself and whats going on in my life right at this minute.

With a new year comes new projects, new goals, new beginnings and new ideas.

My head is so completely full of new crafting projects I want to complete, as well as new ranges for my business, and ideas for the blog! I have actually been feeling like my head wants to explode!
So…. I thought I might take a moment to just reflect on what I am up to right now. Where I sit, and what I already have. Here is my first Taking Stock for 2016. Hopefully it will clear a bit of head space for me!

Making: Lots of plans
Cooking: Not much – it’s been too hot!
Drinking: Lots of water
Reading: Craft For the Soul by Pip Lincolne (who started Taking Stock!)
Wanting: Cooler days, more time, more sleep
Looking: Forward to new things this year!
Remembering: and reflecting on 2015
Annoying: My husband with talk of my plans
Playing: My music loudly whilst crafting
Wasting: Too much time on Pinterest / Facebook / Instagram
Sewing: Owls, lots of owls. Market season will be here before I know it!
Wishing: For a good nights sleep (who isn’t)
Paying: Bills (do they ever stop??)
Enjoying: Discovering new blogs
Liking: To much bad food
Loving: All the inspiration I’ve been getting
Fixing: Not much – my to-do list is long!
Hoping: To get myself organised for this year
Needing: A new desk calendar / planner
Smelling: The neighbours dinner…mmmmm BBQ….
Wearing: Singlet and denim shorts. Most days.
Feeling: A bit unhealthy at the moment
Bookmarking: Project ideas and inspirations
Giggling about: The really bad knock-knock jokes the kids have been making up!

Ok. So I am really enjoying discovering new blogs and reading again. If you’ve got any suggestions for me to add to my reading list – please leave me a comment!

Thanks for stopping by!

Nic xx


Taking Stock #1

Every now and then, it’s good to sit back and just think about life. The big things, small things, and just generally where we are.
I am currently taking part in Blog with Pip, a blogging course to (hopefully) improve my little blog. One of our assignments is to ‘Take Stock’.  So here’s where I am at the moment, here’s what’s going on.

Making : Owls. Like a crazy woman! I’ve got so many Christmas markets coming up!
Cooking : Banana bread….yum!
Drinking : Coffee
Reading: Mollie Makes – so much inspiration!
Wanting: More (usable) hours in the day
Looking: Forward to Christmas! It’ll be here soon!!!!
Playing: Barbies, Mummies and babies, lego….all the usual mum stuff.
Deciding: What to make for dinner tonight…. my lot are fussy. Any suggestions?
Enjoying: Listening to the ‘Create and Thrive’ podcasts ( I highly recommend listening if your a creative business type)

c&t podcast pic
Waiting: for January – when my new little niece will be born! So excited!
Liking: Learning lots of new and interesting stuff through online courses like Blog with Pip!
Wondering: How I can get everything done that I need to before Christmas!
Loving: My new haul of fabric that I bought!
Pondering: The house work that needs to be done.
Considering: Not doing the housework??
Hoping: No one will notice if I don’t do it.
Marvelling: All the yarn bombing at Queen Victoria markets (keep your eye out for a blog post on this!)

Needing: To buy more mangos. I cant get enough of them!
Wearing: Pj’s
Noticing: How fast the year is flying by!
Thinking: Too much…..not enough doing.
Feeling: Like I need a holiday. ( even though we just got back from one last week!)
Admiring: People who are organised!
Sorting: Out all the junk in the house. Mega spring clean happening in The House
Buying: More craft supplies. To replace the ones I have just cleared out……… I cant help myself.
Getting: Inspired by all the create makers on Instagram
Bookmarking: Future craft projects
Opening: Mail! (and bills)
Giggling: at the silly things the kids do.
Feeling: Inspired
Snacking: On pop corn.
So that’s me. And that’s where I am at the moment. How about you? Do you ‘Take Stock’? Leave me a link to yours in the comments if you do.
And if you haven’t done it before, and feel like you’d like to join in, I’ll leave the prompts in the comments for you!

Have Fun xx

Sign off