#25trees Day 20 – Paper Doilies


There is something so pretty and delicate about paper doilies isn’t there?

A little while back I saw some paper doily trees on Pinterest. I thought these would make some lovely Christmas trees.

They are pretty simple to make, and I think they look beautiful (even though they are a little wonky).

To make them you need:

Paper doilies – three different sizes work best
Wooden skewers
Hot glue gun
Glue stick
Cotton reels


What to do:

First you need to cut each doily to the centre.


Use your glue stick to run a strip of glue down the side- next to your cut.

Pull the other side across the glue to form a little dome shape.


Do this with each of your doilies.

To thread them onto the skewers, place a dob of hot glue on the inside of each dome. – then push the skewer through. Start with the big one and work your way to the small one at the top.

**Tip – cut your skewer down to size before threading (much easier than after like I did)


Then glue your skewer into a cotton reel.


And your done!


How cute do they look?

I made one with double doilies too! (in the back of this photo) And I’ve set them up on my little corner table with some peg people.


Only 5 more trees left of my #25trees challenge! Thanks for stopping by!Hope you pop by to see the rest!

Happy Crafting!

Nic x