#25trees Day 23 – Hessian Tree


This tree, much like many others in my #25trees series, is made from 100% recycled materials!

I really like being able to create something from what we already have. And because of where I got the hessian from – this tree now has a special meaning behind it as well.

So I’ll tell you the story of the hessian.

Last year my friend got married. She had a fantastic wedding set in a lodge nestled in bushland. For the weeks leading up to the wedding, a group of us friends all got together and created all the decorations and trimmings for the wedding. A lot of this was made from hessian (as well as native flowers, gum leaves and of course fairy lights!)

It was such a lovely wedding! But of course once she returned home she had so much hessian! She very kindly gave me some of it.

So for a while now the hessian has sat unused – waiting for the perfect project! And this is it!

So for this project I used the natural hessian (from a large decorative bow) and the red hessian (that was used as her ‘red carpet’). The green cone came from an unfinished school project from my son.

To make this tree, I did the following:

Firstly I cut my hessian into long strips


I then folded each strip in half and cut slices into each about half way up.



It was then time to layer them onto the cone. My cone was cardboard, so I secured each layer with hot glue. If you are using a polystyrene cone – pins could be used (and they’d look a little like decorations!)


Pull each strip tightly to take the shape of the cone.



The back of mine looks a bit messy – I’ll just turn that to face the wall!


And that’s all there is to it!

We are nearly at Christmas so only 2 more trees to go! Thanks for following along! And I’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

Thanks  again and happy crafting!

Nic xx






#25trees Day 6


I don’t know what it is about December – but it seems to fly past quicker than any other month.

I’m quite glad I have taken up this #25trees challenge as my house is looking a little more Christmassy than I would otherwise!

Todays trees are going to be a gift. I thought I might as well combine the #25trees making with some gift making!

I simply made these ones by cutting out a tree shape out of some hessian. I stitched on a Christmas button, sewed 3/4 the way around the edge and added a little stuffing before stitching it closed! Easy!




I was thinking I might make a few more shapes and maybe make this a set of 10. What do you think?

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Thanks for stopping by!
Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

Nic x