#25trees Day 21 – Potato Stamping


I really love the look of presents wrapped in brown paper. There is so many ways you can ‘fancy’ them up too!

Today, Miss 3 and I got busy potato stamping some wrapping paper for Christmas.

I decided to make just a simple triangular Christmas tree shape.


If you have never carved a potato before it is pretty easy as long as you keep it simple.

Start by cutting your potato in half. Lightly score with a knife your shape. You could also use a cookie cutter to make the shape.
Then VERY carefully use your knife to remove the potato that you do not want stamped.

The image that is left is now your stamp!


I used the traditional green and red colours for my stamping.


Miss 3 enjoyed herself too. I think we made about 5 meters of wrapping between us!


And now to wrapping the presents! I have just made a start, which is good for me. I usually leave it until Christmas Eve, but this year I’m organised! (Yay me!)

I can’t wait to give the family all their handmade goodies for Christmas in  handmade wrapping paper! Bring on Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! And Merry Christmas!

Nic x


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