#25trees – Day 19 – Another kit!


It’s almost Christmas!!!! How exciting! Today marked the first official start to our families Christmas celebrations.

Today was the day we celebrate Christmas with my husbands side of the family. It’s always a fun day filled with lots of kids, food and laughter.

Because we have been out pretty much all day, I didn’t think you would mind if I made up another Christmas tree kit that I purchased last week.

This kit is from Riot Art and Craft. I think it was originally $29.99, but I got it half price! Bar-gain!!!!


The kit comes with all the wood pieces, glue and paint you need. The felt balls are not included, but I have a heap here at home, so I used them.

The instructions were pretty simple. It is pretty much just layering each of the wood pieces, adding glue to the top and bottom ones.


I didn’t paint mine, as I was short on time today. But thought I might do it later or save that bit for next year!


I like the way this one turned out. And I love the addition of the felt balls. It really gives it a pop of colour.

I’d actually love to make a whole tree out of felt balls. I think that would be really beautiful!

And before you go , I have to tell you all- I was having a chat to Jen from My Make do and Mend Life. She told me about her AMAZING Pom-pom Christmas tree. Please head over and check it out! It is gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy crafting and merry Christmas!

Nic xx

** please note this post is not sponsored



2 thoughts on “#25trees – Day 19 – Another kit!

    • No problem! As you can tell – I was super impressed!
      I am struggling a little bit with time! I always have so many ideas crammed in my head – at least I am kinda forcing myself to do them! I’m thinking I might have to set myself some more challenges throughout the year – just so I can get stuff done!


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